Weir Diaphragm Valve

Weir diaphragm valves is a shut-off valve that uses a diaphragm as a starting and closing member to close the flow passage, cut off the fluid, and separate the valve body cavity from the bonnet cavity. The diaphragm is usually made of elastic, corrosion-resistant and non-permeable materials such as rubber and plastic. The valve body is made of plastic, fiberglass, ceramic or metal rubber. The structure is simple, the sealing and anti-corrosion performance are good, and the fluid resistance is small. Used in low pressure, low temperature, corrosive and suspended materials.

Weir diaphragm valve Character:

Weir diaphragm valve is specifically designed to handle corrosive or solid media applications. Hinged valves can be used as a replacement for common valves that may be blocked by the movement of harsh media. They are also recommended for food processing applications because the body is self-draining.

1) Flange weir diaphragm valves in cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, bronze gunmetal and stainless steel. Available with various body linings and diaphragms appropriate for a wide range of applications.

2) It provides safe and leak-free operation.

3) It is suitable for general purpose or harsh corrosive and abrasive services.

4) This diaphragm valve has simple maintenance and rugged design. Diaphragm repair or replacement can be performed without interrupting pipe operation.

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