Y Type Slurry Valve

Y type slurry valve for mining industry  is a high performance engineering valve with  characteristics of anti-abrasive, anti-high pressure and anti-scaling  .Y Type high pressure globe valve is widely used in alumina , metallurgy and mining industry for abrasive medium.

Y Type Slurry Valve Character:

1.Y type valve body design

The valve body of the slurry valve is devided into left and right parts with a seat between them. The two parts can be disassembled by valve seat. Valve body is designed by computer solid works software and the flow channel is analyzed by ANSY software to simulate site working situation.

2.Separated valve seat

The valve seat of y type slurry valve is separated from the valve body.The valve seat is installed between the two valve body ,so the valve seat can be replaced easily .

3.Spherical sealing surface
The sealing adopt spherical seal, the surface of which is line contact. which can ensure the sealing reliability and avoid scarring. Moreover, the valve belt has upper sealing structure which can protect packing in full-open state.

4.Rotation-resistant device

To ensure the valve stem has straight line motions ,there is an anti-rotation device provided for the valve  stem of the y type slurry valve .

5.Separate valve body and seat design

Valve body and seat is designed separately so as to make easier maintenance.

6. High pressure type can be made ,the max pressure is PN160.

7.Low pressure drop .

8.Anti-scaling function ,avoid valve blocked in any situation.

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