Steam Pressure Reducing Valve

This series of pressure reducing valves are direct acting bellows spring pressure reducing valves. It is mainly composed of bellows, adjusting spring, valve seat, valve disc and other parts. The bellows is used to sense the downstream pressure of the valve, drive the valve disc, change and control the valve opening to realize the function of pressure reduction and stabilization. Set the outlet pressure by rotating the adjusting handwheel.The pressure regulating and stabilizing action of this product is sensitive and stable. It is suitable for the pipeline of steam, air and liquid media


  • Self acting pressure reducing valve for steam

    Automatic valve that reduces the steam supply pressure to a defined set pressure.
    Pressure fluctuations on upstream side are followed by the downstream side.
    No external energy required

  • Operating features of direct acting pressure reducing valves

    Downstream pressure changes are detected in the detection chamber, and the degree of opening of the valve is directly adjusted to maintain the set pressure.

  • Compact and cost effective design

    Can be installed in tight spaces thanks to its compact design (small/lightweight). Offers reliable operation, energy saving, and productivity improvement.

  • Superb durability

    Most of materials are made from stainless steel, making it durable and corrosion-resistant.

  • Easy handling

    Pressure can easily adjusted by the topside handle.

Typical applications

Suitable for F&B equipment, medical equipment, bio-related equipment, and other compact steam equipments.

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